Eine chinesische Musikerin breitet die Arme aus, um mit den Schlegeln zu trommeln

Intercultural Exchange

Intercultural Cultural Exchange - Artistic projects

Intercultural Cultural Exchange - Artistic projects

The Ministry of Culture supports projects from the whole range of the arts by Hamburg residents with a foreign background.

The goal of this support is to maintain Hamburg’s cultural diversity, to provide people with a foreign background with a platform for the artistic expression, development and public presentation of their cultural identities, to create networks and to strengthen a dialogue of equals between diverse cultures.

More information on criteria, requirements and types of funding can be found in the funding guidelines.

Intercultural cultural exchange funding guidelines (in German only):


Applications can be made only once a year. They must be submitted by 1st of december for the following year.

Online Application for Ministry of Culture funding:


Analogue application (on paper) for Ministry of Culture funding (in German only)

Before submitting an application, it is useful to contact the respective officer by phone and present your project or idea. Often it can be clarified in advance whether an application makes sense at this point, and if so, in what form. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity to talk! 


Laura-Helen Rüge

Interkulturelle Projekte

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