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Program INTRO – Hamburg Residencies for Artists at Risk (Information in English language)


Offer by the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg and foundations for artists and cultural workers seeking protection: 

The war in Ukraine makes it clear once again how important art and culture are for peace and freedom. Artistic dialogue and support for artistic work are essential, especially in times of crisis. At the same time, it has become clear that artists and cultural workers seeking protection in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg now and in the future will need tailored offers. The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and an alliance of foundations that support culture have therefore created two complementary programs. 

With the INTRO program, the Ministry of Culture and Media offers protection-seeking artists and cultural workers the opportunity to spend up to 6 months in a supervised work residency in a Hamburg cultural institution and thus receive an accompanied entry into the Hamburg cultural landscape (for details, see the announcement below). 

The aid fund ART CONNECTS, initiated by civil society under the umbrella of the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung (Hamburg Cultural Foundation), offers funding for artistic projects by refugees from the cultural sector in cooperation with Hamburg cultural institutions and artists (for details see here, ART CONNECTS | Hamburgische Kulturstiftung (, Complementary funding through both programs is possible.


Program INTRO - Hamburg Residencies for Artists at Risk

Independent art and culture are indispensable for living democracies. They are an important component of peace and freedom. The Ministry of Culture and Media therefore currently supports artists seeking protection in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg to continue to be artistically productive and to open up new perspectives. From April 1, 2022, the Ministry of Culture and Media will therefore support the cooperation of Hamburg cultural institutions and protection-seeking artists with the program "INTRO". 
The call for proposals is aimed at Hamburg cultural institutions, district cultural institutions, associations and collectives active in culture and media ("cultural institutions"). The aim is to enable them to collaborate artistically with artists and people who have been active in culture and media and who have had to leave their previous country of residence due to war and persecution ("participants"). 

Aim / purpose of the support

  • Provision of work/project rooms, equipment for artistic work; 
  • Development of a joint project between cultural institution and participants (e.g. integration in theater productions, development of a series of events, etc. if possible); 
  • Connection to institutions as well as networking with artistic production fields in cultural institutions; 
  • Testing and development of international and intercultural perspectives;
  • Support for the networking of participants through an accompanying program. 

Requirements / conditions for cultural institutions and participants

  • Suitability of the applicant cultural institution for the planned cooperation, e.g. through existing experience with international residencies or the target group of artists seeking protection. In particular, contact persons for artistic projects must be available and usable premises must be available. 
  • Cultural institutions can also apply for cooperation with several participants (in principle up to two; ensembles are permitted after individual assessment). 
  • Participants' opportunities for participation in the cultural institution and possible artistic projects during their residency must be described. 
  • Examination of the participant's suitability, taking into account his/her individual vulnerability as well as previous professional experience by the cultural institution (evidence e.g. by CV, work samples, certificates). 
  • Current students at universities in Germany are excluded from participation. 
  • Funding is excluded if the participant is already receiving other funding from the Authority for Culture and Media for the same funding purpose. If the participant receives funding from another source for the same project, priority must be given to using these other funds and only expenses that are not already covered by these funds are eligible for funding.

Participants can be artists of all disciplines as well as persons who were active in culture and media in their countries of origin and who have left their countries of origin because they: 

  • were unable to continue their professional activities because of conditions in their country of origin (e.g., due to war and persecution, general repression, climate of intimidation); 
  • have a well-founded fear of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. 

Nature and scope / amount of grants

Applicant cultural institutions may be granted 1,100 euros per month for a maximum of 6 months to enable them to work with participants. The grant consists of 800 euros per month for project-related material costs, translation costs and salaries and 300 euros per month for personnel support by the applicant. 

The cultural institutions receiving funding will receive a notification of funding from the Department of Culture and Media based on Section 46 of the State Budget Code.


The application must be submitted online at

In exceptional cases, it can also be sent by mail to the Department of Culture and the Media with an application form

  • The application must be accompanied by
  • Brief description and motivation of the applying cultural institution, including previous experience in working with the target group;
  • Description of the planned collaboration;
  • Description of the artist's situation, including supporting documents (e.g. curriculum vitae, references, work samples).

In case of postal submission, the application should be addressed to:

Behörde für Kultur und Medien

Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg

- Keyword: K232 Interkulturelle Projekte -

Hohe Bleichen 22

20354 Hamburg 

Applications may be submitted on an ongoing basis. The funding program ends with the allocation of all funds earmarked for the funding program. After completion of the application process, applicants will receive written notification of the funding decision.

Within the framework of the INTRO program, the Department for Culture and the Media accompanies artists and institutions in their cooperation; in addition, networking meetings and collegial advice are to be offered.  


Employees of the Department of Culture and Media and their relatives are not eligible to apply.


For inquiries about the INTRO program: Laura-Helen Rüge, Tel.: 040/428 24 227, E-Mail:

Matching support is also provided by Anja Redecker on behalf of the Department for Culture and Media at  

Further general information and nationwide similar initiatives:

The Goethe Institut has set up a nationwide homepage where cultural institutions can register their offers for residencies, etc., in order to facilitate matching:

Europe-wide platform of Artists at Risk, who have also set up a matching platform:  

Information for art, media and culture professionals from abroad on the professional framework for their work in Germany can be found on the web portal touring artists of the International Society of Fine Arts (IGBK) and the International Theatre Institute Germany (ITI):

Information for those seeking protection and services offered by the city of Hamburg as well as contacts to counseling centers: FAQ of the Hamburg Senate Chancellery:  

Support for clarifying residence status at the following addresses, among others:



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