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Sicht von der Straße auf Speicher Die Speicherstadt in Hamburg

 The Speicherstadt was originally constructed between 1885 and 1927 by the "Hamburger Freihafen-Lagerhaus-Gesellschaft" (HFLG) shipping company on a 1.1 km long archipelago in the Elbe river (reconstructed in part between 1949 and 1967). Constructed in three building phases, the Speicherstadt remains the largest cohesive and integrated ensemble of warehouses in the world to this day. Using new technology and materials, it is a unique representation of the attractive but functional maritime industrial architecture of historicism with a European flavour. As a result, the Speicherstadt is of high international importance thanks to its architectural history. With its composition of red brick buildings in neo-Gothic architectural forms, its streets, waterways and bridges that create that unmistakeable image of a "city of warehouses". Today, this area of Hamburg is a formative part of the entire cityscape.

This "city of warehouses" includes 15 large warehouse blocks with an original historical appearance but very progressive in terms of their technical facilities and equipment, as well as six decorative ancillary buildings and a network of roads, canals and bridges.

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