Protection and management requirements

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Excerpt from the UNESCO World Heritage Commitee's decision 

Protection and management requirements

Protection and management requirements: The property, which is owned by a combination of public and private interests, is within an area listed in the Hamburg Conservation Registry. Speicherstadt was listed under the Hamburg Heritage Protection Act in 1991 and the Kontorhaus district was listed under the Act in 1983 and 2003. The Act, by means of a 2012 amendment, includes a duty to comply with the World Heritage Convention. The competent authority for compliance with the Act is the Department for Heritage Preservation at the Regional Ministry of Culture in Hamburg, which is advised by a Heritage Council of experts, citizens, and institutions. A Management Plan aimed at safeguarding the Outstanding Universal Value, authenticity, and integrity of the property, and protecting its buffer zone, entered into force in 2013. The long-term and sustainable safeguarding of Speicherstadt and the Kontorhaus district will require preserving the historic buildings, the characteristic overall impact of the Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus ensembles, and their typical appearance within the townscape; maintaining or improving the quality of life of the residents of Hamburg by safeguarding a unique testimony to Hamburg’s cultural and historical development, which played a key role in establishing its identity; and raising awareness and disseminating information.

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