Brooksbrücke mit Hammonia und Germania (um 1900)
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Core Zone and Puffer Zone Hamburg World Heritage Site

Speicherstadt und Kontorhausviertel mit Chilehaus Die Kernzone des Welterbes (26.80 ha) in der Mitte, die Pufferzone (57.08 ha) in grau. Insgesamt umfasst das Welterbe 83.88 ha.     

The core zone of the World Heritage site (26.80 ha) in the middle, the buffer zone (57.08 ha) in grey. The World Heritage site accounts for 83.88 ha.      (Image: Hamburg Department for Heritage Preservation/BKM)

The World Heritage site of the Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus district with Chilehaus is shown as the core zone. The buffer zone takes a similar role to protection of surrounding areas for historical monuments, by preventing any changes that may occur in this extended geographical area that negatively impact the World Heritage site, i.e. the core zone, in terms of its effect and associated values. The buffer zone is not part of the World Heritage site but contributes to its preservation. One example would be the impact of the ship's bow from the Chilehaus. Any significant change to the situation within the buffer zone that would limit the impact of the Chilehaus must as a result not be approved.

Textual description of the boundaries:

The nominated property which comprises the relevant parts of the Speicherstadt and the Kontorhaus district is located in the southern part of Hamburg’s old town on the Elbe.

Hamburg‘s Speicherstadt is situated in the centre of the Port of Hamburg on a long and narrow group of islands, namely the Brookinseln. The World Heritage site Speicherstadt is delimitated to the north and east by the eastern part of the Binnenhafen, the Customs Canal and the Oberhafen. Its western limit is Kehrwiedersteg. The southern boundary of the nominated part of the Speicherstadt is formed by Am Sandtorkai and Brooktorkai.

In direct neighbourhood of the Speicherstadt, north of the Customs Canal, the Hamburg Kontorhaus district is located. The boundary of the core zone of the Kontorhaus district that is nominated runs along the central reservation of Altstädter Strasse from Johanniswall street to Burchardplatz, along the north side of Burchardplatz, and along Burchardstrasse to Kattrepel following this street to the south. It then runs diagonally across Niedernstrasse to the intersection of Niedernstrasse and Depenau street, along the western side of Depenau street as far as the southern side of Klingberg street. Moving further to the south, the boundary runs along the western edge of Messberg as far as the northern side of the Customs Canal. It then runs in a north-easterly direction across Willy-Brandt-Strasse as far as the south-east corner of the Messberghof, before heading northwards along the eastern boundary of the Messberghof as far as the southern edge of Pumpen street. It then runs eastwards along the southern edge of Pumpen street and Burchardstrasse to the north-eastern corner of the building at 1, Burchardstrasse, and diagonally across Burchardstrasse in a northerly direction as far as the western side of Johanniswall street. Finally, it continues northwards until it reaches the central reservation of Altstädter Strasse.

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