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Blue light installations Turning the harbour into an artistic light sphere

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The harbour strip, predominantly linked with logistics, trade and industry, is turning into a multifaceted, urban space with room for housing areas and culture.

Blue Port Illumination Blue Port by Michael Batz 2012.

Das Konzept des Blue Port Hamburg

‘Blue Port Hamburg’ is a light art project that illuminates the harbour strip along the Elbe between the cruise center in Altona and the one in HafenCity.

The harbour is changing

Describing the perpetual transformation of Hamburg’s harbour with the help of light is at the heart of the project: The harbour strip, predominantly linked with logistics, trade and industry, is turning into a multifaceted, urban space with room for housing areas and cultural events. The ever changing Speicherstadt, the maritime museums, the HafenCity and the slowly progressing building site of the Elbphilharmonie are characteristic of the great deal of change taking place in this special part of town.

Consistent, mobile and fluid elements

Blue Port is a very complex ensemble project consisting of consistent (quays, pontons, terminals, wharfs, buildings, bridges, towers, cranes etc.), mobile (ships, pedestrians, carriers, tug boats) and liquid (water, reflections, shadows) elements. The project covers a total of 8.5 kilometres of harbour strip on both sides of the Elbe and an area of approx. six square metres.

How light is used at Blue Port

Light is used to graphically sculpture and create images, to gently illuminate them and use reflection as a stylistic device. Unlike at ship christenings, where there’s usually a great deal of strong spot lights, there are no dominant beamers or space canons at Blue Port. 75 per cent of the illuminants are regular street lights, ship lamps and operating lamps that are integrated into the project with the help of blue filters, films and coloured bulbs. The remaining 25 per cent are blue fluorescent tubes and LEDs.

Artistic light sphere

The idea behind the concept is to create an artistic light space that will combine the two components ‘structure’ and ‘change’ into a complex image. Precise lighting, the careful use of visualised rhythm and the monochromatic narration of an old story turn familiar pictures into something exciting and well worth rediscovering.

Themenübersicht auf hamburg.de

Der BLUE PORT HAMBURG ist eine temporäre Kunstaktion, für die die Regeln des Urheberrechts gelten.

Hobbyfotografen und -fotografinnen steht es frei, Bilder des Lichtkunstwerks BLUE PORT HAMBURG 2022 für nicht-kommerzielle Nutzung auf Plattformen der Social Media zu veröffentlichen, ohne dass eine Lizenzierung durch die VG Bild-Kunst erforderlich ist.

Für kommerzielle Nutzungen ist weiterhin die VG Bild-Kunst anzufragen: VG Bild-Kunst

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