Köhlbrandbrücke Blue Port
Leichte Sprache
Wish a translation

Colour and light Blue sets objects afloat

Leichte Sprache
Wish a translation

Objects meet floating through space and time and communicate as if it were the easiest thing to do.

Die Farbe des Blue Port Hamburg The use of colour at Hamburg Blue Port

Das Konzept des Blue Port Hamburg

Floating through space and time

In this state of weightlessness objects will start to communicate with each other by silently approaching unreality as if it were the easiest thing to do. We, the spectators, join in and some way down the stream we all find ourselves in a harbour that welcomes a remote future.
At night industrial, operating and traffic lights rule within the harbour. A yellow dome of light stretches above ships, cranes, wharfs and container terminals, extinguishing all other colours. It’s size is fascinating, as well as it’s vibrancy, the extravagance and fluidity of global progress.
With blue, a colour that imitates water as well as the sky, lending soft outlines to maritime objects, sketching contours and softening at the same time, there is the chance of an ironic reunion between the elements. The sea, the sky and the harbour will always be blue, regardless of any clichés, regardless of how industrial they may seem at times.
Blue reappears as a glowing subtraction, it differs from reality just like any other idea that has lost its origin. It will level the way for a fresh start, a new visibility, a new identity.

Real surrealities within Blue Port

By concentrating on the elements that coin the dimensions and by creating redundant relationships Blue Port’s light sphere proves that what we need is not yet another public event, but rather more modern myths: Real surrealities that touch the collective cognition and that inspire the individual curiosity. In the end all of us have a blue home.

The harbour, which is also becoming a harbour for art, shows its most beautiful transfers and transports on the quaylines of a more or less asymmetrical turnover. Where uncountable masses of goods are being turned over, a transfer of reality takes place. From unlikeliness to the visualization of a joyful musing.

Themenübersicht auf hamburg.de

Der BLUE PORT HAMBURG ist eine temporäre Kunstaktion, für die die Regeln des Urheberrechts gelten.

Hobbyfotografen und -fotografinnen steht es frei, Bilder des Lichtkunstwerks BLUE PORT HAMBURG 2022 für nicht-kommerzielle Nutzung auf Plattformen der Social Media zu veröffentlichen, ohne dass eine Lizenzierung durch die VG Bild-Kunst erforderlich ist.

Für kommerzielle Nutzungen ist weiterhin die VG Bild-Kunst anzufragen: VG Bild-Kunst

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