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We know what you need!
All of our teachers have spend a considerable amount of time abroad and are aware of what you encounter when studying a language away from home. Over 15 years of experience in teaching English and German as a foreign language have taught us what students need.

We understand that knowledge only sticks where it is needed and used on a regular basis. This is why we value an intensive language training that represents everyday life in Germany.

Pronunciation is everything!
The most amazing moment for every language student is to be understood speaking the new language and get positive feedback.

But what if you have your grammar right and no one seems to understand? To prevent this, we practice your pronunciation in an intensive phonetic training using an ultra modern language lab. Here our teachers can follow up on every student individually and correct mistakes before they become a habit, even in joint classes.

What we offer and how you benefit
We teach German and English to adults with levels from A1 to C1 (European Reference Framework).

This is what you can expect

  • Technology - practice your pronunciation in our language lab
  • Proficiency - our teachers are linguists
  • Efficiency- small groups of max. 5-8 students
  • TELC language tests
  • Accredited for educational leave (Bildungsurlaub)
  • Academic assistance and proofreading of academic work, final thesis (Bachelor and Master)

For more information and contact details, please visit our website:

Or E-mail us:





我们最希望看到的是学生可以清楚地理解和表达。但如果当你说一句语法正确的句子而别人又不明白的时候,那就是关乎你发音的问题了。为了解决这个问题,我们准备了先进的语言实验室,可以让你高强度地训练你的发音,让我们的学生可以发出像德国人一样的德语发音 ,而不是一口带着口音的德语。



  • 我们将在语音室练习你的发音
  • 我们的老师精通多国语言
  • 每个小组最多5-8名学生,确保效率
  • TELC语言测试
  • 可认可的教育休假
  • 学术论文的帮助和校对,毕业论文(学术和硕士)




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