Hamburg City Climate Conference 09

First Annual Conference of Mayors

Hamburg City Climate Conference 09

Hamburg City Climate Conference 2009

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg invites the mayors of world’s major cities to Hamburg City Climate Conference from 16 to 18 November 2009.


Date16-18 November 2009

 The conference will take place at the following places in Hamburg:

  • Reception by the Senate in the Chamber of Commerce
  • Plenary Sessions in the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH)
  • Conference Dinner in the Town Hall
ParticipantsMayors of cities of the world

The City of Hamburg organizes the Hamburg City Climate Conference within the framework of Covenant of Mayors and in cooperation with the EU-Commission. The Conference is further supported by the Climate Alliance, the international association of local governments ICLEI, by Germanwatch and by World Future Council. Hamburg hosts the Conference also as European Green Capital 2011.


Conference background and goals 

In December 2009, the community of nations will convene to make essential decisions concerning the future of global climate change. The Conference of Parties (COP 15), held in Copenhagen from the 7 – 18th of December, will determine the course of action taking place after 2012 in terms of strategies for mitigation including further development of the Kyoto Protocol.

Cities have a key role to play in climate action. They are home to more than half the world’s population and are responsible for 80% of greenhouse gases produced today. They will acutely experience the climate change at all levels. Cities on the other hand, with their willingness and ability to change, hold great power in the climate challenge. With their dense population, dynamic businesses, and academic institutions cities are centres of innovation and creativity. Possible solutions and strategies for adjustment to climate change can be observed and applied in concentrated form.

So there is every reason to state that cities are the main causes of global climate change and also the main parties affected – and that means cities should be main players in climate action. Although cities hold great significance for the future of our planet cities will not have a voice come December at COP 15.

The EU Commission with its Covenant of Mayors initiative has recognised the importance of the role of cities. The Covenant brings together more than 400 cities in Europe and worldwide to combat climate change through adaptation and implementation of a common strategy. These cities undertake to go beyond the EU targets for 2020 and cut their CO2 emissions by more than 20%.

As a major European city, a signatory of the Covenant, and European Green Capital 2011, Hamburg takes a pro-active stance in policies to combat climate change. In the run-up to COP 15 the City of Hamburg is taking this opportunity to invite mayors and climate experts to the Hamburg City Climate Conference 09 from 16-18th of November 2009. Hamburg wishes to bring together the world’s major cities with the Covenant of Mayors to demonstrate that they are willing to take on more responsibility and to urge the Conference of Parties to take decisive action.

Further information regarding the conference and the online-registration you can find here:


Ministry of Urban Development and Environment
Senator’s Office / Federal and European Affairs
Stadthausbrücke 8
20355 Hamburg



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