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2. Juni 2019 Rotary International Convention

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Grußwort des Ersten Bürgermeisters Dr. Peter Tschentscher. Es gilt das gesprochene Wort.

Rede des Ersten Bürgermeisters anlässlich der Rotary International Convention

Dear Mr Rassin,
Dear Mr Dykerhoff,
Dear Members of Rotary International,
Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Welcome to the 2019 Rotary International Convention in Hamburg! 

Hamburg is a traditional seaport and city of commerce with a history of over more than 800 years and strong partnerships with every corner of the world. We are a diverse, international metropolis with citizens from over 180 countries and about 100 consular offices. 

We call Hamburg the “Gate into the World”, and we are proud that so many Rotarians have come from all over the world to a meeting in our city! 

Hamburg has a high standard of living and a vibrant cultural scene. We are the economic center of Northern Germany with all kinds of industry - aviation, maritime logistics, life sciences and health care, renewable energies, media and digital services. 

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg has never had a king or emperor and never was the capital of a country. In our history, citizens always wanted to be independent and take their fate and fortunes into their own hands. 

Therefore, charity, volunteering and commitment have always been an essential part of the civic engagement of our city. It was in Hamburg where Germany’s first Rotary-Club was founded over 90 years ago. The concept of Paul P. Harris – to organize non-profit service-clubs for the promotion of public welfare – found great approval and was carried from here to the whole country.

In Hamburg, one out of three citizens does volunteer work. We are proud of this high level of dedication of our citizens. The Senate follows a policy to improve the conditions for volunteering, to support volunteers and give them the great appreciation they deserve. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

This year, 25.000 Rotarians from over 130 countries have come to Hamburg. This shows that we can and have to work on building a better world – together and across borders. 

If we look at climate change for instance: hundreds of thousands of young people are taking it to the streets for the “Fridays for Future” demonstrations. They are concerned about our planet and what it will be like when they grow up. They remind us that climate protection is a task for the entire society and that it requires our cooperation across borders and continents. 

I made a trip to Chicago last year. Chicago – the home of Rotary –and a sister city of Hamburg for 25 years. After talking to Chicago’s former mayor Rahm Emanuel, I signed the “Chicago Climate Charter”. With this joint agreement, Hamburg and other cities around the world committed to take decisive action in implementing the Paris Agreement, meaning we aim to reduce emissions across all sectors to limit global warming. The “Chicago Climate Charter“ has been signed by mayors of over 70 cities, among them Los Angeles, Mexico-City, Toronto, Tokyo, Paris [?]and Hamburg. 

When it comes to finding the answers to the most important questions of the 21st century [climate protection, affordable living, green mobility, digital change], the major cities around the world share a special responsibility. Cities like Hamburg are not only economic hubs of their nations that serve to drive prosperity – they also have the will and the power to lead the way towards social and technological change. It is the decisive action of our cities and their citizens that will lead us into a brighter future. 

Hamburg is one of these future cities. All state schools in Hamburg are hooked up to the glass fiber network. Digital education and learning are included in the curriculum of each of our schools.  

Our university is the largest training and research facility in Northern Germany. Over 30 scientific institutes such as European XFEL, DESY, institutes of the Leibnitz Association, the Max-Planck-Society and Fraunhofer-Foundation, make a perfect environment for research and development in Hamburg. 

We are in the middle of digitalizing processes in our administration, in our harbour, our infrastructure and urban development and virtually all other areas of public life. 

Around the fair venue, we have installed a test track for autonomous driving, where self-driving cars are tested in real city traffic. We will present our results to the world at the 2021 World Congress for Intelligent Transport Systems ITS here in Hamburg. I very much hope, that I will be able to welcome you all again there! 

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

The Rotary International Convention is a platform and a catalyst for ideas for civic engagement and progress. The program lists over 100 events, with more than just a few world-renowned speakers. 

The Rotary-Clubs of Hamburg and the Hamburg Convention Bureau have done an enormous amount of work to make it possible for all of us to come together here. On behalf of the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg I would like to thank them very much for their great work. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Hamburg is a colourful and vibrant city with much to discover. I hope you will enjoy your stay here and wish you a wonderful time. 

Thank you very much.

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