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Cluster policy Cluster policy-skills and expertise

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Cluster policy is an instrument of modern economic policy. Being an integral part of Hamburg’s innovation and technology strategy and follows the vision of making Hamburg the” innovation capital” of Europe until 2020. An important prior condition for this is qualified staff.


Cluster policy-skills and expertise

With her active cluster policy, the city of Hamburg has been supporting innovation, economic growth and employment in sustainable industrial sectors for many years. A business cluster is a geographic concentration of interconnected businesses, suppliers, universities, research and educational institutions in a particular field. The basis for the successful cluster policy is the open, trusting and close collaboration between the partners.

Technological progress, changes in the working world and an increasing international division of labour lead to a growing need for specialist staff in Germany. Therefore, personal and qualification has an important role in Hamburg’s cluster policy to guarantee the economic competiveness and innovation for all companies. The demand for specialist personal depends on many factors and can change quickly due to new challenge and industries. So, the city of Hamburg builds on adjustable and flexible structures as well as continuous dialogue between the different participants and partners.


Hamburg’s cluster policy-Reaching the top together

Dynamic & strong: The Hamburg economy

Links to Hamburg’s Clusters:

Logo Hamburg Aviation

Hamburg Aviation is the aviation industry cluster for the Hamburg Metropolitan Region – one of the world’s most important locations in the civil aviation industry. In total, more than 40,000 highly qualified specialist personnel here are working on the future of aviation.


Logo Logistik Initiative Hamburg

Aiming to strengthen and expand Hamburg’s role as the leading logistics hub in Northern Europe, the State Ministry of Economic and Labour Affairs and Hamburg’s business community established Logistics Initiative Hamburg


Logo Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland

The Maritime Cluster Northern Germany is a cluster management venture launched by the three Northern German states of Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein with the aim to strengthen the competitiveness of the maritime economy in Northern Germany more effectively than before by expanding existing networks and collaborations beyond state borders and through regional projects.



Renewable Energy Hamburg

Germany has signed up to the energy revolution. In ten years, over 35 percent of German power production will already come from renewable sources such as wind, sun or biogas. Today, the Hamburg city region is already the centre of north German activities.


Logo Life Science Nord

Collaboration across the region characterizes North Germany as a location for life sciences. Our motto is: Joining Forces for Success.



Logo NextMedia Hamburg

NextMedia.Hamburg is Hamburg’s location campaign for digital and media economy as well as consistent further development.


Logo Kreativgesellschaft Hamburg

The Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft is a municipal institution founded to promote Hamburg’s creative industries. As a directly accessible contact and service facility, it is open to all creative stakeholders and enterprises in the hanseatic city. http://kreativgesellschaft.org/en/

Logo Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg

In March 2009 the City of Hamburg and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce established a public-private partnership, the cluster agency Healthcare Hamburg. It should lead to more jobs and innovation plus higher quality medical care for the people in Hamburg.

Hafen und Innovation



Games Industry

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