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What information is involved? What rights do you have? And where can you find out more? You can find the answers here.

Cancer Registry: Information for patients

Chapter overview

Why cancer registries

For many cancers, the prospects of cure have increased significantly due to advances in early detection, diagnostics, therapy and aftercare. The quality of treatments and their tolerability have also increased noticeably in recent decades. Nevertheless, many research questions remain open, and cancer patients everywhere should receive the best possible medical care.

This is where the work of the Hamburg Cancer Registry (HCR) comes in. Information on the occurrence, therapy and course of cancer of all persons treated in Hamburg is collected and evaluated in order to further improve oncological care. Clinics and practices can use this information for their quality assurance, and it is also available for cancer research. In addition, the HCR regularly publishes results in the form of tables and graphs as part of its reporting.

The legal basis can be found under "Law and data protection".

Chapter overview

What is reported

The following information is processed in the HCR in compliance with extensive data protection regulations, provided that the practices or clinics involved in the treatment submit this information:

Medical information
Personal information

Type, location and spread of the tumour

Date of diagnosis

Securing the diagnosis

Date of birth

Type, start, duration and result of therapy

Disease progression

Health insurance details

Chapter overview

What rights do you have

Information: When reporting for the first time, cancer patients must be comprehensively informed in writing. Your treating institutions can request printed brochures and leaflets from the HCR free of charge for this purpose. These are also available for download here:

Detailed patient information (brochure)
Detailed patient information in easy language (brochure)

Brief information for patients (leaflets DIN A4):


Objection: You can object to the storage of your personal identifying plain text data (name, address, date of birth, health insurance number) within the framework of your medical treatment or at any time vis-à-vis the HCR. Your data will then be pseudonymised; that is, you will not be recognisable as a person, but the information reported on your case of illness will be correctly assigned and merged. Your data can thus be used for anonymous evaluations but are not available for personal information and use, for example, within the framework of specially approved research projects.

If you object to any transmission of data by your attending doctors, the HCR will not receive any report. This means that the HCR will not receive any information about the treatment and course of your case.

Information: You personally can request information about what information is stored about your case at any time, provided you have not objected to the storage of personally identifying plain text data. To do so, please contact the HCR (see below).

Chapter overview

Further information

Cancer information

General patient counselling and self-help groups

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