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European Green Capital 2011 Infopavilion and Infopoints: experience, understand, engage

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The Infopavilion near the main train station was the platform for all European Green Capital 2011 activities and environmental information.  It hosted numerous exhibitions dedicated to environmental awareness and education. Ten additional decentralized Infopoints also hosted a series of specialized exhibitions, enabling visitors to experience Hamburg’s environmental protection first hand.

Infopavillon Umwelthauptstadt

Infopavilion exhibition

The temporary exhibition about the Hamburg ECO-Partnership showed concrete examples of how and why Hamburg’s companies invest voluntarily in environmental techniques, introduce environmental management systems, optimise procedures based on energetic criteria or plan and implement other voluntary environment protection measures.

1. Infopavilion
The Infopavilion was the central meeting point for all European Green Capital activities, located on Spitalerstraße between Kunsthalle and the main train station. The Infopavilion was comprised of several containers and covered an area of roughly 100 square meters. The pavilion was hosting a permanent exhibition featuring Hamburg European Green Capital’s environmental attributes and presented temporary exhibitions to complete the program.

Permanent Exhibition
Visitors were invited to experience the European Green Capital through interactive exhibitions including over 50 projects from industry, science, environmental organizations and administration. In addition to Hamburg’s ideas, the exhibition displayed numerous European examples. A virtual bus tour was offered to those interested in deepening their international exchange. It provided opportunities to interact with the Train of Ideas’ visitors during the course of the Train’s European tour. The aim of the exhibition was to leave visitors with concrete information and tools to allow every individual to contribute to environmental protection.

2. Infopoints
The 10  Infopoints in and around Hamburg’s metropolitan region allowed visitors to obtain thematic European Green Capital 2011 Facts and background information about resource protection, urban development and energy. The year 2011 demonstrated how commitment to environment is not only enjoyable, but improves the quality of life. A series of interactive exhibitions explored complex relationships and provided suggestions for everyday life.

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 Rückblick Umwelthauptstadt 2011

Pictures The year of the European Green Capital Hamburg 2011 in pictures



 Sponsoren der Umwelthauptstadt

The city of Hamburg says thank you to the supporters of European Green Capital 2011.