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Buchskulptur "Empty Containers" auf der YAMUNA-Elbe Ausstellung / Book Sculpture "Empty Containers" at the YAMUNA-Elbe Exhibition. Buchskulptur "Empty Containers" auf der YAMUNA-Elbe Ausstellung. / Book Sculpture "Empty Containers" at the YAMUNA-Elbe Exhibition.

Arts and Culture

There are many close contacts between artists and cultural institutions from India and Hamburg leading to a multitude of collaborations in various fields. The Hamburg Ministry of Culture promotes these cultural exchanges with India by regularly inviting Indian artists and authors.

Cultural Exchange with a Perspective

The visit of a delegation of the Hamburg Ministry of Culture to India gave rise to a great number of contacts that lead to strong cooperation the fields of dance, fine arts and music. Moreover, in 2012, when for the first time in the History of Hamburg a First Mayor visited India, the extension of cultural relations was an important part of the agenda.


In 2009, the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and the Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad initiated the project “040” with the aim of coordinating and joining their support for cultural projects. The name of this project is owed to the coincidence that Hamburg and Hyderabad share the same area code – 040. The project has already borne fruit. In 2015, it resulted in the exchange of curators.

More noteworthy, in 2014, the “Hamburg Hall” was opened in Hyderabad, with support of the project, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Goethe-Zentrum. The large hall is now a venue for many cultural events. Furthermore, the „Yamuna-Elbe: Public Art Outreach“ project was organised simultaneously in Delhi and Hamburg. In the context of this project, artists, scientists, environmental activists and philosophers jointly worked on issues related to the ecological, economic and spiritual role of their respective rivers. The outcome of the event was displayed in public spaces along the river banks. Moreover, follow-up projects were integrated into the programme of the India Week Hamburg.


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