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Education and Science

Many universities in Hamburg collaborate with renowned Indian universities and research institutes. The cooperation takes shape in many forms:  from study trips and joint courses to research projects. Hamburg universities and research facilities offer furthermore scholarships to Indian students and support exchange programmes with Indian universities and research institutes. But the cooperation is not limited to the university and research level: there are also several schools in Hamburg that organise student exchanges. Hence, it is not surprising that in 2014/15 some 375 students from India were enrolled at universities and around 150 Indian pupils visited schools in Hamburg.

Cooperation and projects

The Asia-Africa Institute at the University of Hamburg regularly organises the South-Asia Day, a forum to discuss various topics. Furthermore, the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA) conducts research on political, economic and social developments in India and the DESY works in cooperation with Indian partners on an ultra-brilliant x-ray source. Another project in Hamburg that focuses on India is the research project Global Innovation at the Hamburg University of Technology. It is devoted to questions regarding research and development in India.


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