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English A daycare place for our child

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Zeichnung einer Familie, die mit einem Kinderwagen vor einer Kita steht.

A daycare place for our child

Why is daycare good for my child?

Children need friends
In daycare, my child plays with other children.
She can find friends.

Children learn in daycare
My child learns lots of new things.
She learns and practices German for school.

Children learn how to behave well
My child learns with the group.
She learns to share and follow rules.

Daycare makes them bold
My child learns to be independent.
She can spend time without her parents for a while.

Children stay healthy
In daycare, the food is healthy.
The children play lots of sports.
Parents can give specific nutrition guidelines for their child.

Daycare helps families
Parents do not have to do everything on their own.
Daycare helps with parenting.
The daycare will listen to what parents say.

What rights do I have?

Every child over 1 year old has the right to a daycare place. 

5 daily hours and lunch are free.

If I work or am enrolled in a course, my child may attend daycare for up to 12 hours daily. Then, even children only a few weeks old are eligible.

Courses are, for example:

  • Integration measure
  • Integration course
  • Language course

Children with a handicap can also go to daycare. Many daycares have special help for children with handicaps.

How much does daycare cost?

5 hours every day are for free.

A fee will be charged for extra hours.

Anyone who earns little or nothing only has to pay little or nothing.

Anyone who earns a lot has to pay more.

In special circumstances the Jugendamt (Youth Welfare Office) allows exceptions.

How do I get a daycare place?

Around 1 year before going to daycare: Research information.

Application for the daycare voucher Application for the daycare voucher
For example: Ask friends, relatives and daycares.
Or go wherever families find help.
Also, use the Internet!
Ask the daycare centre if there is a place for my child.
Be put on the waiting list.
Later, ask if my child has a place.

3 to 6 months before going to daycare:
Compare offers and decide.

Apply for the daycare voucher at the District Office (Bezirksamt).
The daycare voucher will arrive by post.
Hand over the daycare voucher to the daycare centre.
The daycare voucher is valid for one year at the most.

Important: I should make a new application for the daycare voucher 3 months before it expires. Otherwise, I will have to pay for daycare myself.

Clarify all questions and sign a contract with the daycare center.

Get the application and help:

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