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Profile and service portfolio

  • Landesbetrieb Geoinformation und Vermessung

The Agency for Geoinformation and Surveying (Landesbetrieb Geoinformation und Vermessung – LGV) is a forward-looking and innovative service provider dedicated to gathering and processing (spatial) data and making it available for shaping the future. Its portfolio of services ranges from IT-based urban (spatial) applications, 3D-models and data analyses to all survey-related tasks and real estate valuation.

  • Landesbetrieb Geoinformation und Vermessung

Thanks to many years of experience in geodesy and with geographic information systems (GIS), LGV is important as a regional and nationwide provider of stimuli and technological pioneer in digital networking and online visualisation of (spatial) data.

The LGV represents Hamburg in numerous interdisciplinary committees at a federal level, for instance, Spatial Data Infrastructure Germany (SDI Germany), and also actively promotes universal harmonisation of (spatial) data standards.

The LGV is a part of Hamburg’s Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (BSW) and has been an independent agency since 2003. The staff at its offices in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg handle a broad spectrum of urban needs and demands at the request of the community, commerce & industry and public authorities. The LGV also assists the Hamburg Senate in the realisation and implementation of its ‘Digital City’ strategy.

Geospatial basic data

The LGV is central contact point for the access of analogue and digital geospatial basic data, their usage in Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) as well as to provide 3D city model data, which are available Hamburg-wide.

Register of real estates

In the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg the LGV is responsible for keeping the official register of real estates. The register includes a true to scale mapping of real estates and buildings, as well as a description of the legal and real proportions. The LGV provides information, extracts and certificates regarding real estates.


The LGV undertakes cadastral surveys as well as structurally engineered built surveys (construction surveys).

Maps and aerial photos

Cartographic products, available on different data storage media, as well as aerial photos are provided by the LGV. In addition to the official maps (was link with id: 6694984) , the LGV also creates thematic maps on behalf of third parties.

Satellite navigation

With the German National Survey Satellite Positioning Service SAPOS, the LGV offers state-of-the-art support for all satellite-aided positioning and navigation applications.

Appraisal committee

The appraisal committee for real estate values performs appraisals on behalf of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, provides information about standard land values and estimated values as well as publishes official real estate market reports on the basis of a purchase price database. The committee's office is part of the LGV.

Media design

Our team Media Design creates leaflets, flyers, brochures, web pages and other products not only for the LGV but also for third parties.

Geospatial data applications

To provide geographical information for a wide user group, the LGV develops state-of-the-art geospatial data applications based on standardised web services and interactive web portal technology for Intranet and Internet. For instance, geospatial data applications are built for the matter of crowd sourcing and participation, to be integrated in administrative procedures as well as to inform on a regular basis for example via mobile apps.