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Activities and Service

Hamburg Port and Airport Health Authority

  • Institut für Hygiene und Umwelt

The Port and Airport Health Service of the Hamburg Port Health Center (HPHC) is responsible for all official health duties relating to infection and health protection in the port and airport of Hamburg. Our doctors and inspectors can be contacted at any time and are also able to come on board of your vessel or airplane.

  • Institut für Hygiene und Umwelt

Our duties include:

  • hygiene monitoring and advice (regarding potable water, food, wastewater, hospital and general ship hygiene)
  • investigation of outbreaks of illnesses on board
  • advice on medical equipment
  • help with disease prevention campaigns
  • assessment of the correct use of narcotics in accordance with German regulations
  • vaccination on board
  • issuance of diverse certificates and attestations such as:

            -     Free Pratique (license to enter the port in accordance with
                  International Health Regulations)

            -     Ship Sanitation Control (Exemption) Certificate

            -     Potable Water Certificate

            -     death certificates

            -     vaccination certificates

            -     alcohol and drug testing

  • medical advice/treatment for seafarers

For a list of our fees see the download (pdf-document) at the end of this page.

We work closely together with many local, national and international institutions and organizations and keep a close cooperation with the Maritime Medicine Working Group of the Institute of Occupational and Maritime Medicine (ZfAM). At its training center, the working group offers the legally required medical refresher courses for ship officers.

The Port and Airport Health Service doctors and inspectors must be given free access to all areas of the port and ships to enable them to fulfill their official health duties. Any advice must be followed to prevent the spreading of infectious diseases and to secure the health protection of all seafarers and travelers.

Hamburg Port Health Center (HPHC) 

Located at Marckmannstraße 129b in Hamburg, this facility is part of the Institute for Hygiene and Environment (Hamburg Public Laboratories for Food Safety, Health Protection and Environmental Assessment). It houses the Hamburg Port Health Authority and the Vaccination Center (with approved yellow fever vaccination point) under one roof.

Contact Information: 

Hamburg Port Health Center
Marckmannstraße 129b, D-20539 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0)40 428 45 - 2202 or - 2209
Fax: +49 (0)40 427 31 - 0941

Doctor on-call 24/7 (only in case of urgent health emergency):
Mobile: +49 (0)173 23 22871



COVID-19 in the port and on ships

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Our fee schedule 2024

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