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Otto Linne Award 2023

The Otto Linne Award is an invitation for students and young graduates from all over the world to deal with current topics and challenges in the fields of landscape architecture and open space planning. The prize, awarded in honour of Hamburg's (Germany) first garden director Otto Linne (1869 - 1937), promotes the professional development of young planners and recognises outstanding achievements in the field of urban landscape architecture

Register now: We invite all students and young graduates of landscape architecture and related disciplines to participate: 

The competition has two stages. In the first phase, future tasks and visionary ideas for the competition area should be submitted. At the same time the innovative concepts must show to be suitable for realisation. The second phase, focuses on the deepening of the concepts. Up to five teams will be selected to continue with their drafts in a workshop with local actors.

What is the task?

This year's assignment focuses on a 1960s neighbourhood with typical terraced housing in Hamburg-Eißendorf, a neighbourhood in the district of Harburg called Lühmannstraße. It covers an area of around 21 hectares.

One of the reasons for selecting this area is its typical structure. The neighbourhood stands for Hamburg’s iconic post-war building typology, which in part is in urgent need of rehabilitation. The typical row construction with generous green space in between opens up the opportunity to develop approaches for contemporary and sustainable open spaces.

In the first phase of the competition, new designs and positions for a future-oriented urban landscape architecture, connecting current challenges of climate protection and adaptation are to be developed for the selected neighbourhood. In addition to taking landscape architecture and open space planning approaches, it’s very much encouraged to look at it from an urban planning, architectural, transport, sociological, ecological, and/or artistic perspective as well. It is expected that the concepts refer to the specific local situation and at the same time enable transferability to similar typologies.

In this part of the task, the central challenge is the large-scale design at neighbourhood level. The participants are expected to present a persuasive spatial and strategic concept that shows potentials and future-oriented solutions for the neighbourhood. The concepts are further evolved in three selected spaces within the area. In particular, principles and measures of climate adaptation such as green roofs and facades, street space greening, plant use, rainwater management (evaporation, infiltration, delayed drainage, reorganisation of traffic areas, multifunctional design and unsealing need to be considered.

The second phase focuses on the elaboration of ideas and possible implementations. In cooperation with local housing companies, solutions are to be developed that are suitable to be implemented in the future.

Who can participate?

The Otto Linne Award is an international award for concepts on urban open space planning and particularly addresses students and young graduates of landscape architecture. Other faculties are eligible to participate if a chair of landscape architecture/landscape planning/open space planning has been established at the university. Evidence of supervision by a professor is required.

It is expected that the participants work together in interdisciplinary teams, for example with urban/traffic planners, architects, economists, designers, etc. At least one member of the team from the field of landscape architecture is to be designated as group leader. According to the conditions of participation, graduates may not have completed their degree more than two years ago.

The competition task is suitable as a term paper or study project. All interested parties must register online free of charge to take part in the competition.

What is expected?

All participants have to hand in the main content of their works on two DIN A0 (portrait format) sheets. Participants can use other formsthem of expression beyond the customary preparation of plans and models – such as comics, storyboards, newspapers, films and art installations. The comprehensible connection between content and form is important. This means the selected medium should be appropriate. The entries must be capable of being presented and assessed at the meeting of the jury.


February 2023

Start of registration & provision of documents

April 2023

Deadline of queries

June 2023

Submission of drafts - phase 1 & 1st jury meeting

August 2023

Two day workshop in the neighbourhood for a maximum of five selected groups

October 2023

Submission of drafts - phase 2

November 2023

2nd jury meeting

December 2023

Award ceremony and exhibition of concepts


Prize money and trips to Hamburg (Germany)
for the workshop and award ceremony:

1st prize:

5000 €

2nd prize:

3000 €

3rd prize:

2000 €

2 purchases:

2000 €


Otto Linne Award 2019

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The Otto Linne Award enables students and young graduates to address current topics and challenges in the field of landscape architecture.