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Ringvorlesung ab 12.11.2018 Japan’s Security Challenge: The Nation, Its People and Values

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Japan’s Security Challenge: The Nation, Its People and Values


Mo., 12. November 2018 bis Mo., 28. Januar 2019

Montags, 18 Uhr – 20 Uhr,
Universität Hamburg, ESA-1 (Hauptgebäude), Hörsaal C, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1, 20146 Hamburg

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Challenges to national security today are manifold. They Diversify and intensify on a global scale. It is no longer solely security threats from the outside, such as prevailing territorial disputes, that challenge the stability of a state. Threats to national security also arise from within the state, through e. g. substantial norm and value changes within society. This lecture series follows a pluralistic and contemporary understanding of security, and puts Japan center-stage. Japan is one of the world’s largest economies and a stable democracy. How does the nation cope with multiple security threats stemming from outside and inside its borders? Over the course of seven public lectures, current challenges to Japan’s security will be highlighted and debated from multiple angles.

12. November 2018
The Role of Chinese Maritime Expansion and North Korean Missiles in the Remaking of the Japanese State:
A Deconstruction of the Inside/Outside “Double Exclusion”
Referentin: Christian Wirth, German Institute for Global and Area Studies, Hamburg

19. November 2018
Bound To Be Led: Nationalist Impulses and Internationalist Aspirations in Japan‘s Security Policy
Referentin: Tsuneo Akaha, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

26. November 2018
Slow Way Home: How the Japanese Have Preserved a Universal Walk-to-School System
(documentary screening and q&a with the director)
Referent: Leonard Schoppa, Woodrow Wilson Department of Politics, University of Virginia

10. Dezember 2018
Sorting the Strangers: Japan’s Janus-Faced Policy to Immigration
Referentin: Gracia Liu-Farrer, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University

14. Januar 2018
China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Asia: A Threat to Japan’s Interests in the Region?
Referent: Raymond Yamamoto, School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University

21. Januar 2018
Food Security in Japan: The Self-Sufficiency Myth of a Food Importing Country
Referentin: Cornelia Reiher, Graduate School of East Asian Studies, Freie Universität Berlin

28. Januar 2018
The Future of Japan’s Constitution: Security, Rights and Institutions
Referent: Kenneth Mori McElwain, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo

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