Dealing with authorities Hamburg Point of Single Contact

The Point of Single Contact simplifies the dealing with authorities.

Hamburg Point of Single Contact

Hamburg Point of single contact

Within the scope of the implementation of the EU Services Directive the Hamburg Point of Single Contact (PSC) has been installed.

Pursuant to the Services Directive, the Point of Single Contact has two tasks, namely

  • to inform providers and recipients of services about procedures and competent administrative bodies, about access to registers, available remedies and supporting organisations and
  • to act as ‘procedural intermediary’. It is through the PSC that procedures and formalities required for setting up and rendering services will be handled if so desired by the applicant.

The above tasks are performed by the Hamburg Point of Single Contact. Additionally, contact may be made personally, in writing or by phone by the following means:

  • Procedure Finder: information relating to the requirements and proper authorities for particularly frequent procedures, step-by-step guidelines and ways to file applications
  • Finding the Proper Public Authorities; information relating to procedures and proper authorities

Additional information about the access to available remedies and supporting institutions is provided.

Anybody may use the offered contacts and services to the extent that the information and intermediary services relate to procedures within the purview of EU Services Directive and do relate to Hamburg. Here you can find a website with Points of Single Contacts in Germany and a similar website with Points of Single Contacts in the EU.

The services of the Offices of the Hamburg Point of Single Contact are subject to fees if the provision of information exceeds

  • the information contained on these pages (in particular written and personal information or information by phone)
  • if procedures are handled through the Point of Single Contact.

Fees for the use of the services of the Hamburg Point of Single Contact will accrue in addition to the fees, if any, charged by the competent administrative body.