Zentraler Koordinierungsstab Flüchtlinge

Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg Central Coordinating Unit for Refugees

The Central Coordinating Unit for Refugees of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg was set up in October 2015 to bundle selected operational tasks in the field of refugee accommodation as well as to agree, steer and report on overlapping tasks among several governmental institutions. The unit is headed by Mrs. Jana Hoppe and Mr. Holger Poser who reports to both the Interior Ministry and to the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Family and Integration.

Central Coordinating Unit for Refugees

The main task of the unit is to ensure that sufficient accommodation capacities are available for refugees in Hamburg. It also has coordination responsibilities in other areas of refugee aid, if necessary. The original responsibilities of other public institutions remain unaffected.

The unit focusses on the following tasks:

  • Forecast, planning and city-wide coordination of refugee accommodation needs,
  • Procurement of plots and buildings to be used for public housing projects for refugees,
  • Planning and development of plots and buildings as a reserve for emergency situations,
  • Controlling the operation of all initial shelters for refugees,
  • Dismantling no longer needed initial shelters,
  • Staff at the unit ensures a 24/7 availability to tackle emergency and crisis situations,
  • Supporting first integration measures: child-care and kindergartens; guiding refugees towards education, training and jobs; special assistance for vulnerable refugees,
  • Support to move from public housing for refugees into the normal housing market,
  • Information and citizen participation,
  • Mediation and conflict resolution.


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